Old Globe’s “Some Lovers” is Great for the Holidays


Photo courtesy of Old Globe pressroom

By John Deane, Staff Writer

“Some Lovers” is the Old Globe’s world premiere musical with music written by award-winning Burt Bacharach. In a Dickens-esque tale, former flames Molly and Ben are visited by their younger selves as the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Amends are made and the lovers fall back in love.

I’ve visited the Globe before for Shakespeare in the theatre’s outdoor amphitheater, yet seeing “Some Lovers”  in the Globe’s indoor Sheryl and Harvey White theatre was a change of pace. I got to enjoy climate-controlled comfort in a theatre where even the nosebleeds are only five rows from the stage. Unlike Shakespeare, “Some Lovers” had no tempestuous storms or vengeful fathers. It did, however, have crazed phone calls, a botched pregnancy, and a Christmas tree that wouldn’t stay up.

The actors and actresses slipped onto the stage while the audience silenced their cell phones. It’s clever and crafty stage wizardry like this that characterized “Some Lovers”. Moving sets move closer and farther away, mirroring the ups and downs of the relationship.

The talent in voices is definitely noticeable and the actors utilize the circular stage (seats go encircle the entire stage) wholly. This is the kind of play where tinsel rains from the ceiling as actors frolic. I enjoyed “Some Lovers”.

The show runs through December 31.