“Break It Yourself” Review

By Valen Lambert, Staff Writer

Andrew Bird has outdone himself again with his new album “Break It Yourself” released on March 6. Smooth and melodic, the overall vibe of the album is great to chill out to while it’s raining outside and a perfect spring soundtrack.

His use of a variety of instruments incorporated throughout the album gives it a unique sound. Only Bird can make the fiddle, violin, glockenspiel, harp, and other unusual instruments come together to make a distinct, flowing, and beautiful sound.

“Break It Yourself” includes such instruments in the songs “Desperation Breeds” and “Give It Away.” Bird brings back his catchy whistling in his upbeat songs “Lusitania” and “Danse Caribe.” DespiteBreak It Yourself”’s overall indie-folk chill vibes, other songs have a more foreign sound. “Orpheo Looks Back” incorporates some aspects of Irish folk and “Near Death Experience” has a bit of Latin/Salsa vibe.

Bird has one of the most beautiful, flowing sounds I’ve heard, and with his talented use of all the out of the ordinary instruments, he is definitely one-upping Bon Iver in the indie folk/chill feeling, providing music that puts you in a good mood and gets stuck in your head for days.