“Wzrds” Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius prove that magic really does exist with their new album“WZRD”. With a little melodic magic, they confirm that musicians can cross genres and don’t need to be relegated to one style of music. “WZRD” is their alternative debut album that was released on February 28.


WZRD is an interesting album because it’s not a rock album or a hip-hop album, but sort of a mix. This sets the album apart from millions of others; however it can’t please everyone. It might not be “rocky” enough for many rock fans or “rappy” enough for hip hop buffs.


Many fans of Kid Cudi are displeased with the album because they want more of the music Cudi has created in the past.  These fans are forgetting something important. This is not a Kid Cudi album; it’s a WZRD album.


This means that the tracks are not going to sound like the music they’re used to hearing by Kid Cudi. So, this album is better suited for those who don’t mind Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius experimenting with different sounds.


Several songs brandish Cudi’s characteristic spacey, dark, and psychedelic sound; however, they’re not as good as some of his former tracks. The lyrics in “High Off Life,” for example, are not compelling and his singing is off-key. In Cudi’s cover of Nirvana’s version of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” Cudi can’t quite capture the eerie power behind Kurt Cobain’s vocals.


In defense of the album, the more I listened to the songs the more I liked them. I enjoyed the lyrics in “Live and Learn” as well as the upbeat sound. Cudi sings, “My Momma told me live my life and learn from lessons, I’ll teach my daughter the same.” I found the lyrics in the song “Efflictim” at first too dark and angst-ridden; Cudi asks how people would feel if he were dead. However, after I finished listening to the track I found the emotion behind his lyrics and the repetitive chorus to be very haunting.


All of the songs are very catchy. Dot da Genius, for the most part, did a great job producing the album and Kid Cudi’s music is always very personal and you can feel the emotion behind his words. I liked listening to the album and I found myself replaying “Live and Learn” and “The Dream Time Machine” several times. WZRD is a good album, and I would recommend it to fans of Kid Cudi who want to hear something different and to new listeners.