“Fade” by Yo La Tengo Album Preview

Yo La Tengo, to me, is the Coca Cola of the music scene. Since they released their first album in 1986, they have consistently been turning out music as timeless and comforting as your favorite drink, with no sign of stopping any time soon. The band recently announced the upcoming release of their new album “Fade,” due out today, January 15th. You would think after nearly two decades in the business their sound would be a little dusty, yet with the release of their new single off of “Fade,” it’s clear that it is anything but. The new song is aptly entitled “Ohm,” as it’s consistent, powerful sound complemented by twangy guitars is perfect for meditating and finding that happy place inside your head. Its lyrics are haunting yet comforting; lead singer Ira Kaplan murmurs just to you, “But nothing ever stays the same, nothing is explained.” Give the band’s new album a listen: Oldies really are goodies.