…Like Clockwork

By Andrew Walker, Staff Writer

Queens of the Stone Age is officially releasing their new album, “…Like Clockwork” on June 3. The album was unfortunately leaked last week but at least it was well liked. Yes, this palm desert based rock band came out with another great record after about six years of nothing. You could definitely see the push for a release  was going to be big as it featured a number of guest musicians.

This lineup included ex-drummer Dave Grohl and other stars such as Elton John, Alex Turner from The Artic Monkeys and Nick Oliveri, another former Queens of the Stone Age member. The album was pretty dark overall; pretty metal with a healthy amount of distorted noise and guitar.

Something particularly unique was the way they strung together five of their music videos online to tell an apocalyptic story of zombies and giant demon crow heads in world of deadly anarchy. The album is stream-able off ITunes now but I’d recommend against pirating it and buying the album when it’s actually released. The band’s pretty sick, worth a listen.