John Ondrasik, aka Five for Fighting, released his sixth studio album, “Bookmarks”, which was impressive both vocally and instrumentally. The album was released on Sep 17 and is a step up from his previous album.

After taking a little break after releasing “Slice” back in 2009, Ondrasik felt that it was time to make yet another album.  Many of the songs included on “Bookmarks” revolve around the trials and tribulations of falling in and out of love. The sounds of the piano, guitar, and drums go perfectly with Ondrasik’s calm, but emotional vibe.

Tracks like “Stand Up,” “She’s My Girl,” and “You’ll Never Change” are more on the poppy side of the spectrum. The lyrics aren’t as strong as some of the other songs on the album, but they provide a nice upbeat mood for the listener.

As the album continues, the sounds become more depressing, with a huge emphasis on heavy piano chords and a slower tempo. “Heaven Knows,” “Symphony Lane,” and “The Day I Died” definitely were more of the darker sounds off of the album. A lot of the songs on this album reminded me of bands such as The Killers and The Goo Goo Dolls.

“Bookmarks” was a very relaxing and powerful album to listen to because it sets a really unique tone that I have yet to see in other recent albums. Five for Fighting really did a terrific job with this album and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take a little break from the stress of their daily lives and listen to something that provides a sense of tranquility and emotional depth.