Sherlock Season Three Preview



For those of you who have not changed your IP addresses or found some way to watch Sherlock before its official US release on Jan. 19, here is a quick preview of what lies ahead.

Sherlock is back, alive and well. He reunites with John, who has moved on with his life and is planning to marry Mary Morstan, a woman who appears sweet and clever but may be hiding a plot-twisting secret. Those who have read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories know this, for the most part. What you don’t know is that Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, Sherlock creators, have decided to tweak a few things and completely alter others.

So everything you thought you knew about Mary Morstan: throw it out the window.

Everything you thought you knew about Sherlock: expect a few pleasant surprises.

Everything you thought you knew about Season 3: leave your expectations at the door and prepare to be amazed.

A few questions can be answered at this point in time. Will there be a Season 4? Yes. Is there a new villain to fill Moriarty’s shoes? Yes and no – watch and see. What’s with John and Mary? Okay, it is true that Mary is barely there in the original stories, but to be honest, this Mary is more than you ever expected. Will I be disappointed? No.

Season 3 is more than you could have imagined. So get on to the PBS website, turn on your TVs, and watch. And if you have no idea what Sherlock, then find Sherlock Season 1 on Netflix/Hulu/Youtube/DVD and enjoy a series that is so much better than the Sherlock Holmes movies. If you like mystery, Great Britain, clever villains and Benedict Cumberbatch, then Sherlock is the series for you.