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Players wait in the lobby before getting assigned to be a crewmate or an impostor

There’s One Impostor Among Us

December 18, 2020

“Among Us” was released in June of 2018. However, it reached nationwide popularity in late September to early October of 2020 because of large live streamers playing and growing the game through their platforms.“Among Us” is a multiplayer game in which there are one to three “Impostors” with only one goal, to eliminate the “Crewmates.” There are 4 to 10 players per game, and those who are not an “Impostor” must run around their choice of three different maps to complete their tasks. These tasks can be many things; the most common is fixing wires on the ship and downloading data from other areas of the ship while also trying to survive and figure out the identity of the “Imposters.” InnerSloth programmed and developed the game, but the programmers and designers, Forest Willard and Marcus Bromander are the two who specifically created this game. 

An exciting portion of “Among Us” is the strategy required to stay in the game without being taken or voted off. The “Crewmates” must find a way to do all of their tasks without getting eliminated or looking like they could be an “Impostor,” meaning looking like they are faking tasks or attempting to chase people down. The same goes for if one is selected to be the “Imposter”; they are intended to get rid of as many of the “Crewmates” as possible without getting caught or acting suspiciously to any other players. Whichever role you are selected to play, there are many tasks to complete and strategies to follow.

On the contrary, some are more interested in the social aspects than the strategic ones because you can play with strangers or join games with friends. This makes it fun to play in groups of friends so you can all communicate and argue over who each person thinks the “Impostor” maybe. Even if you are not in person with people, you can facetime or join a friend’s game. If no one is available, it can also be enjoyable to play alone and talk to others through the chat built into the game. Social games like this one have been viral and helpful during COVID- 19 because it is entertaining for people to do while staying safe. No matter how one chooses to play this game, it has entertaining social aspects on top of the mystery.

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