Fall Drinks, Ranked

Our picks for the tastiest fall drinks!


All around the world, cold weather brings a taste for hot drinks. In this time of rain clouds, orange leaves, and sweaters, it makes sense why we humans have invented so many variations to keep us warm from the inside out. There are many fall flavors which meld together to create these drinks, including cinnamon, apple, nutmeg, and the popular pumpkin spice. 

So, what are some noteworthy fall drinks? Here is a list of our favorite fall drinks, listed best to bestest.

Chai, or an Indian tea blend with warming spices, is traditionally served hot and aerated between two cups. Although the TAZO concentrate or the Trader Joe’s versions are solid, we would recommend making it yourself using black tea, milk (or nondairy alternative), and whole spices, then boiling and straining out the smaller pieces. We’d say it’s #1 for complexity of flavor and ability to warm you up.

Salted Maple Cold Foam Lattes (matcha, black tea, or coffee) are #2. Easy to make at home and good on top of hot or cold drinks, these foams have gotten more popular at chains such as Starbucks in recent years. The balance of the maple and salt is almost kettle-corn-like, and adds fall interest to almost any base.

Apple cider has true temperature versatility, unlike the other drinks on our list, and we appreciate that you can get many different types locally, and most don’t require preparation for optimal fall vibes. 

Next is the classic PSL, or pumpkin spice latte, notorious for white girl instagram pictures and debates about labor rights at popular coffee chains. These drinks embody our pumpkin obsession during fall, and can include Vitamin A if they have a bit of pumpkin puree in them! Although joked about, this classic fall drink still has its merits. 

Cinnamon-honey milk is a great before-bed drink, and is great as a non-caffeinated alternative. We thought this drink was good, if a bit boring, but the creamy foam at the top was a nice addition. 

The cranberry and “herbal blend” teas from Trader Joe’s are simple, hot drinks for fall-lovers who aren’t fans of cinnamon. Ryan wants you to know they are subtle and wholesome. 

We also tried the “Sweet and Spicy” tea from Good Earth and thought it was good, though Dylan remarked it “tasted like a candle smells.” A bit orangey and cinnamony, this tea is still worth trying. We will be back in winter to rank candy cane tea, hot chocolate, eggnog, and more.