Winter Drinks

The best winter drinks of 2022!


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Steaming cup of coffee

It’s holiday time! Today is officially the first day of winter, and spirit around the world is at full blast. Christmas lights are glowing everywhere, countless menorahs are being lit, and coats are leaving the closet. With this fun and frigid time of year, however, comes many practical (and sometimes impractical items) that people use to celebrate the cold.

With the help of my brother – a professional in the field of drinks – we made a list of the best festive drinks for winter. Rated best to bestest, all the way from hot chocolate to peppermint tea, here’s a guide to the most popular drinks of the season.

London Fog: This is a timeless drink with a base of finely steeped Earl Gray. With a couple splashes of milk and vanilla (and sometimes cinnamon), a London Fog screams warm fires and old books. The first sip brought instant comfort, and with an addition of honey or maple syrup, it was like being hugged by warmth itself. The name, which references the foggy city of London, evokes the image of a brooding but cozy atmosphere that compliments the drink in every way.

Peppermint Mocha: With a touch of peppermint and a base of warm soothing coffee, this drink embraces the holiday spirit while incorporating the familiar taste of mocha. The slight hints of chocolate and vanilla bring a sweetness that ties this gift of a drink up in a bow.

Eggnog (plant based): The eggnog we tried (from Sprouts) was very good, but slightly liquidy likely because there was no real milk in it. With a hint of cinnamon and the eggnog’s familiar taste, it’s festive and easy on the tongue, and it doesn’t need to be anything else.

Caramel Mocha: The hidden flavor of salted caramel on top of coffee makes this drink instantly delicious, but the way we made it was a little bit too sweet. With less sugar and more thickener (milk), this drink is subtly sweet, and the saltiness of the caramel provides a nice contrast. Although this drink doesn’t live up to the peppermint mocha, it still holds its own as a unique and festive drink.

Candy Cane Tea (Trader Joe’s): Candy canes! They’re the perfect holiday candy, and they make an even better tea. Somehow, Trader Joe’s was able to make this tea smell exactly like the sugary treat – but it’s not too sweet. With an added sweetener like honey or maple syrup, the flavor can expand and become sugary, but it’s closer to a nice and subtle peppermint tea without any.

Hot Chocolate: Not much needs to be said for hot chocolate. It’s classic and easy to love! 

To wrap it all up, we had lots of fun experimenting with the culturally iconic winter drinks of our time. The common themes of peppermint, chocolate, and coffee reflect the sweet and warm atmosphere of winter time and will continue to bring joy and holiday spirit to those around the world.