“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

By Annie Smith, Staff Writer

Whether you see it because Andrew Garfield is in spandex , Emma Stone wears amazing outfits, or simply because it’s another good Marvel movie, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is a must see. With an interesting plot that introduces new villains and complicates the Peter-Gwen romance, this sequel seamlessly stems off of the first Spiderman film.

Peter Parker (Garfield) is still keeping New York City safe from criminals as Spiderman, until a new villain threatens both him, his city, and … his love life (oh no, not Emma Stone!). Oscorp, the same genetic research company that created the spider that bit Peter, has once again accidentally created a human-animal hybrid.             While Oscorp tries to cover up the mess, one employee finds out.  Peter’s girlfriend (but it’s complicated) Gwen Stacy (Stone) catches on and investigates the corporation’s mishap. Thus, Gwen is now part of this complicated web. Yes, web.

While fighting to save his love life, Spidey also fights off this new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), and reoccurring guilt-tripped memories that tie in the first film. Not only that, but Peter also discovers new information about Oscorp’s history that is related to Peter’s estranged father. Also, Peter’s childhood friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) needs Spiderman’s blood to save him from a fatal medical condition.

The movie is just as complicated as Peter and Gwen’s relationship, but it manages to squeeze into 142 minutes while incorporating a plot twist at the end that suggests a third Spiderman film in the future.

Not only is the storyline intriguing, but the actors and effects enhance the overall movie. Garfield and Stone have cute chemistry, while each mastered their individual characters as well. Foxx developed Electro into a believable character, though the actor’s human character at the beginning of the film suffered from a very distracting comb over. Crazy explosions and superhuman effects like Spiderman’s flips or Electro’s special powers added to the excitement of the movie.

A movie filled with a little bit of cheesy romance, lots of action and graphics, and some sassy humor from both Garfield and Stone, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is well worth the $9.50 theater outing. I mean, it’s Andrew Garfield in spandex. That’s priceless, people.