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Courtesy of How to Train Your Dragon 3

A movie about dragons that’s actually good

April 15, 2019

When I went to watch How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, I didn’t have particularly high hopes for the movie. I figured it would be a bit of a cliche and overall predictable but boy I was wrong.

It’s cliche, sure, but in all the right ways. Hiccup, the main character is struggling with the fact that his father left him responsible for taking care of the Viking community when all he wants to do is work on rescuing various dragons. He’s also working with his dragon, Toothless on flying and just being together.

The movie action picks up with the introduction of a new “bad guy” named Grimmel the Grisly. Grimmel’s characteristics include finding enjoyment in hunting/eliminating Nightfurys, and using his own dragon’s poison to drug them into obedience.  

So in one swift scene, the main enemy of the movie is introduced and his interest in Hiccup’s viking world is introduced. It’s exciting.

Another jaw dropping moment in the movie was when a potential mate for Toothless the Nightfury is presented. This all white dragon is known as a Lightfury and has a cute connection with Toothless from the very beginning.

Frankly, the movie is absolutely adorable. There’s all sorts of amazing interactions between the main characters and their dragons, by the end of the movie – though you can more or less guess what is going to happen – you as a member of the audience are smiling and happy. It wraps up the How To Train Your Dragon series wonderfully.

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