Ziggy Marley welcomed with open arms at Reggae Fest

By Julianne Miller, Staff Writer

Ziggy Marley played for an audience of over one thousand at the Del Mar Racetrack this past Sunday Aug. 31. Playing at the Del Mar Concert Series for several years now, Marley was welcomed with open arms from overly-excited 12 year olds to dreadlocked men in their fifties.

The crowd stretched all the way to the edge of the racetrack, one of the biggest crowds that the fairgrounds have seen this summer. Mellow stoners danced with middle-aged businessmen, as Marley covered some of his father’s hits, such as “Is This Love” and “Iron Lion Zion.”

One fan raised her crutches to the sky in a show of support for the reggae royalty, while scantily dressed girls danced provocatively to the soulful jams. Young men shuffled from side to side as prepubescent boys ran into each other in a frenzy, setting off forceful shoves throughout the crowd.
Getting the crowd pumped up, Marley transitioned into some songs from his new album Fly Rasta, such as “You”, “Sunshine”, and “Fly Rasta.” With these originals, Marley proved his distinction from his renowned father with a new, modern style.

As one of the final artists to play in the continuous Del Mar Summer Concert Series, Marley left a positive impression and gave the crowd a night to remember.