Lonely People EP Review

Up and coming Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland released her second EP, Lonely People, on Jan. 18, 2015. Gartland, who became popular on YouTube before releasing her first EP, will appeal to fans of Gabrielle Aplin, Jasmine Thompson, and Lauren Aquilina.

The EP contains four original songs, two of which have music videos and one of which has a lyrics video, all released before the EP. Gartland is also offering an exclusive fifth track to those who email her a screenshot of their iTunes proof of purchase.

The EP opens with the title track, “Lonely People,” a song with upbeat instrumentals that discusses today’s perception of young people. The song is light and easy to sing along to, and Gartland is able to capture a youthful vibe within the song. Her voice is strong, and the song is pleasant to listen to.

The second song, “Souvenirs,” is the most relatable song on the EP. The song is about holding onto memories and constantly looking back at them. It’s another upbeat song that is easy to dance along to, and it’s a song that can easily be listened to over and over again.

The third track, “Whispers,” is a slower song than the others on the EP. It’s calming, and parts of the song, about a fading relationship, are relatable. Though this isn’t a track to dance along to, the song offers a necessary change of pace from the rest of the EP.

The final song on the EP, “Get Back,” is repetitive, with little in the way of new lyrics throughout the song. It’s not the best song on the EP, and it can become dull after the third or fourth listen.

Gartland is a talented singer, and it comes across in her songs, which are fun and youthful. The songs each have a different sound, making Lonely People an EP that can be listened to on repeat for hours.

The lyrics are often abstruse, making some of the songs difficult to relate to. Gartland doesn’t take many risks with the songs on the EP and doesn’t let her personality shine through, despite her immense talent.

The EP can be purchased on iTunes for $3.99, and individual songs can be purchased for $1.29. The songs are enjoyable and the album is worth purchasing, earning it three and a half out of five stars.