“Rumors” Preview

Next Thursday, Nov. 13th, is the premiere of SDA’s newest production, “Rumors”, a hilarious play by Neil Simon.

“The play’s about four couples who are attending a formal dinner party for their friend’s tenth anniversary. But when the first couple gets there, Ben Ellerbrock and I, we realize that the hostess is missing and the host is involved in a mysterious scandal. So as the play goes along and more guests arrive we try our hardest to cover it up, and everything goes to chaos!” said Junior, Delaney Ryan, who is playing the role of an easily shaken, alcoholic lawyer.

In preparation, the cast has been rehearsing after school every day except Thursdays and Fridays in anticipation for their debut.

“The production is coming along just fine. It’s been tough with such a small cast of 10, and such a large amount of lines for each person. But we’re very lucky to have our student director and Mrs. Siers helping us out as well as a really funny script,” said Ryan.

Rumors is a “super funny” production that should appeal to the whole school, however viewers are warned, the play does contain adult language!


The cast includes (in order of appearance): Delaney Ryan as Chris Gorman, Ben Ellerbrock as Ken Gorman, Chloe Hergeshiemer as Claire Ganz, Caleb Gibson as Leonard Ganz, Yoni Kruvi as Ernie Cusack, Ciara Reiter as Cookie Cusack, Jewels Weinberg as Glenn Cooper, Caity Cecio as Cassie Cooper, Brett Stoner-Osborne as Officer Welch and Maggie Lombard as Officer Pudney.

It runs through Saturday, the 15th) at 7:00 in the theater. Tickets are sold online through the school website and at the PAC, so be sure to buy your ticket before they sell out!