House of Cards Preview


Just in time for the March primaries, “House of Cards” is coming back to Netflix next week.

At the end of the third season, Frank Underwood’s wife, Claire (Robin Wright), announces that she is leaving him soon after Frank (Kevin Spacey) wins the Iowa caucus against challenger Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel).

At the end of the newest trailer for the season, Frank mutters, “We had a future until you started destroying it,” highlighting the dark tone of the upcoming season. While the previous three seasons of the show could also be described as “dark” this season looks especially grim as Dunbar poses a real threat for Frank.

The first commercial released for the new season took the form of a campaign advertisement for Frank, where he promised, “America, I’m only getting started.”

The majority of the promotion for the upcoming season hasn’t come in the form of long commercials. They’ve come in the form of short clips and pictures from the upcoming season, all campaign-oriented. The heavy focus on the campaign aspect of the show coincides with the presidential election and it will be interesting to see whether Frank can withstand Dunbar’s momentum.

The most recently released trailer for the show, however, seems to focus less on the campaign aspect of the show and more on the relationship between Frank and Claire. Fans of the show can expect the relationship between the two (and a possible reconciliation) to be addressed in the upcoming season. Season Four will be released on Netflix on March. 4.