Kindertransport Preview

The theater-for-a-cause production “Kindertransport” opens tonight and will continue showing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week. All proceeds from the show will go to the charity Casa de Amparo, a San Diego County organization that works to treat and prevent cases of child abuse and neglect.

“Kindertransport,” by Diane Samuels, follows the story of one young girl’s experiences throughout World War II. The play, which will be performed by the SDA Drama Production class, is based on a series of rescue efforts between 1938 and 1940 that worked to transport Jewish children in Germany to Great Britain. Once in Great Britain, the children were usually placed in foster homes with the hope of later returning to Germany. Due to the Holocaust, few found their parents again.

The show raises money for Casa de Amparo through admission tickets. Additional donations were collected yesterday through teasers of the play. During these teasers, the drama class explained the premise of the play and performed a few scenes.

A small competition was held with the teasers in which each of the teachers received a jar for donations. The teacher with the most donations, which was Spanish teacher David Bair, won the prize of getting their face painted.