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Enjoy your time watching “Criminal Minds” on Netflix

21 Things to do During the Pandemic

Get busy, you’ve got the time.

September 21, 2020

  1. Create a rival SDA confessions page
  2. Learn to crochet
  3. Turn off the wifi when your siblings are taking an online school test
  4. Make blue mac and cheese
  5. Learn as many TikTok dances as humanly possible
  6. Practice parkour
  7. Binge watch “Criminal Minds”
  8. Create a country music playlist
  9. Get a pet snail
  10. Perfect winged eyeliner
  11. Make your own Kombucha
  12. Build a ten story MineCraft house for you and all your friends (if you have any)
  13. Practice your air bending skills
  14. Construct an entire language only you can understand
  15. Refuse to respond to any name other than “Oh great one”
  16. Make a pancake stack bigger than Jason Derulo’s
  17. Rearrange the furniture in your house
  18. Paint a self-portrait and title it “trash”
  19. Disrupt your siblings and embarrass them on camera
  20. Bath your dog
  21. Go rollerblading
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