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The signs have all taken sitting in front of a computer all day a little differently…

How the signs are handling online school

September 30, 2020

Aries: Sitting down all day gets a little frustrating, but the ability to play games and go on your phone during class is what makes it all worth it.

Leo: You’re struggling to get the best camera lighting, but I promise you nobody is judging you.

Cancer: You love being able to be at home, but it’s hard for you not to be there for your friends like you usually are.

Pisces: You’re missing your art classes, it’s not the same as in person.

Scorpio: Honestly, you love not having to be with people all the time.

Taurus: You’ve become super organized and have been spending more time on your work.

Sagittarius: You might be going a little insane from all this screen time, maybe you should invest in some blue-light glasses.

Gemini: You’re the kid who’s always showing up on someone else’s camera, you can’t handle doing school alone.

Virgo: You should probably team-up on group projects with Taurus, you guys would make an overly successful team.

Libra: You might be the only one besides Leo who gets dressed and ready for school, and the only one who has a clean desk.

Capricorn: You love online school and get your work done faster than you need to.

Aquarius: You’ve spent the majority of the time with your camera off and fake technical difficulties to get out of work.

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