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Online School Morning Routine

October 1, 2020

Being home all day is hard. Staying motivated and paying attention in class is difficult, so it is very important to have a productive morning routine to start your day off right. This is the morning routine that keeps me motivated and on top of all my schoolwork.

7:30 am: My alarm goes off. I always have an hour before bed that I feel super motivated and decide to run every morning before school. My running clothes are always on my desk, prepared for me to jump out of bed and get some exercise in. Yeah… I never actually go running, but it’s the thought that counts. I turn off my alarm.

8:00 am: My second alarm goes off. Now I have to actually get out of bed in order to successfully get ready and eat breakfast. Although, I tend to press to snooze and rest my eyes for a few minutes.

8:05 am: My alarm goes off. I press snooze.

8:10 am: My alarm goes off. I press snooze.

8:15 am: My alarm goes off. I press snooze.

8:20 am: My alarm goes off. I press snooze.

8:25 am: My alarm goes off. I press snooze.

8:30 am: My alarm goes off. I check the time. I usually snooze my alarm a bit too many times. I’m always late.

8:32 am: I get out of bed, put on my pink bunny slippers, and brush my teeth.

8:33 am: I change from the sweat pants I slept in into a clean pair of sweatpants for the day. I change into a shirt that makes my top half look semi-presentable.

8:34 am: I redo my messy bun and add some mascara. 

8:36 am: I slug my way downstairs and get some coffee. By coffee, I mean vanilla almond milk cream, sugar, whipped cream, and a teaspoon of coffee. I know, delicious. I need all the caffeine possible because I tend to stay up till 2 am watching “Criminal Minds” or reading. 

8:37 am: I grab an apple for breakfast after making coffee. Breakfast of champions. 

8:38 am: I return to my room and go to my desk. I go on Google Classroom and open up my first period. 

8:39 am: I open up the Google Meet and see there are only 10 people on. I wait till more join.

8:40 am: I press join meet once about 25 people are on the meet. “Hi Piper!” my teacher says.   

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