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21 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching, and we’re here to help

October 23, 2020

  1. Mr. Vollstedt, running edition
  2. Charli demaliabob, our lord and savior
  3. Cody Ko, short king
  4. Noah Beck, big neck
  5. Timothee chablago, our skinny dream boy
  6. Trisha paytus, problematic queen
  7. The bell tower, bricky boy 
  8. A person who has corona, “cough cough” 
  9. The lorax, think orange body paint
  10. Kylie Schwartz, whom we worship
  11. Horse, make it a partner costume 
  12. Chloe Ting, walk around with her background music 
  13. Ketchup and yellow ketchup, so cute!
  14. Baby pigeons, it could be a group costume
  15. Dobby, don’t forget the sock
  16. Pumpkin spice and everything nice
  17. Jimmy Neutron, not proton
  18. LCC Freshman, sksksksksk
  19. The fly on Joe Biden’s head
  20. Kate Paxton, better option than 21
  21. Piper Nilsen, better option than 20
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