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21 things happening in 2021

January 15, 2021

Isn’t this year just iconic for our column? Well, we think it is, so let’s start strong into this new year with 21 things you should care about this year.


  1. January 20th: Biden’s Inauguration Boy, have we been waiting for this.
  2. January 23rd: First day of semester break Unfortunately, it’s only for 4 days.
  3. January 27th: First day of the second semester We’re halfway there!
  4. February 14: Valentine’s Day The best day ever! We are so excited to spend the day alone!
  5. February 11: National don’t cry over spilled milk day I- 
  6. March 8, International Women’s Day Who runs the world?
  7. March 11, National Plant A Flower Day Okay, but this is just so cute.
  8. March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day Wear green unless you want me to pinch you (with a 6-safely-distanced-foot pole) 
  9. April 7th: National Beaver Day To be honest, we are not sure how to celebrate.
  10. April 15th: Tax day Not very relevant, but we thought we’d let you know.
  11. April 24th: SDA ACT/SAT Practice Yeah, that sucks.
  12. May 9th: Mother’s Day Just a friendly reminder. We are assuming you forgot.
  13. May 23rd: James Charles’ birthday Try on your best makeup for the king himself.
  14. June 11th: The last day of school We actually made it.
  15. June 18th: Piper Nilsen’s Birthday An international holiday
  16. June 20th: Father’s Day Again, let’s be honest; you forgot.
  17. August 6th: Wiggle your toes day Shake out that toe-jam?
  18. August 13th: Friday the 13th We feel like it would be spookier if it were in October.
  19. September 6th: Labor day Say goodbye to white clothing.
  20. September 19th: Kate Paxton’s birthday A national holiday.
  21. November 4th: Use your common sense day Turns out common sense isn’t so common. We hate everything.
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