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What the signs did on Valentine’s Day

February 19, 2021

Here is how the signs spent the day:

Aries: Yelled at anyone who even mentioned it was Valentine’s Day.

Taurus: Had a valentine and went on a cute dinner date.

Gemini: Reminiscing about how they are better than everyone else and do not need a valentine.

Cancer:  Looked at cute couple photos and cried…all day.

Leo: Took themselves out on a date because they like themselves more than any possible lover.

Virgo: Didn’t even remember that it was Valentine’s Day.

Libra: Was happy with or without a bae. <3

Scorpio: Went off the radar, and no one knew where they were.

Sagittarius: Kept their single sadness inside.

Capricorn:  Drove around blasting sad songs and singing alone.

Aquarius: Thought it was funny how serious everyone was about it.

Pisces: Ate way too many chocolates… that they bought for themselves.

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