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How the signs have changed after one year in quarantine

March 17, 2021

A lot has changed since last March with the whole, ya know, global pandemic thing. Here is how each sign has developed after a year of quarantine.

Aries: You had a major glow up since last year.

Taurus: You now have a baking addiction.

Gemini: You started reading, and now that is all you can talk about. 

Cancer: You’ve been crying, and you just haven’t stopped.

Leo: You found a new s.o. and are spending all your time with them.

Virgo: You became a gardener.

Libra: You completely changed your style and have a new vibe. 

Scorpio: You are now vegan, and you definitely cheated at least once. Smh.

Sagittarius: You started focusing on your happiness and cut out all toxic people in your life. We are proud of you!

Capricorn: You probably ate way too many of Taurus’ cookies.

Aquarius: You became a mermaid with a blue and green tail. 

Pisces: You stayed locked in your room for way too much time and got really good at video games.

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