Senior Out of There: 3/10 & 3/11

By The Mustang Staff

Everyday, the staff of The Mustang collects a few stories from students about Senior Out. Here’s the stories from the first two days of the game:

“I’m afraid that my neighbor could have me for senior out. And because she lives right there she could just come out in the morning and tag me as I’m getting into my car. So Kevin [Moody] was walking me out from my door and he was like, ‘All clear Mr. President.’ And he looked in my car and checked it out and everything, and then I was like, ‘Wait, she could be on the other side!’ So he ran over, and said, ‘She’s not there.’ And then he checked under my car and everything until we finally get in and I’m like, ‘Okay, we’re safe.’” – Gilad Barach

“The person that I was supposed to tag offered to walk me to class so it was really easy to tag him, and then I got tagged yesterday. I had Lisa [MacPhee] and her boyfriend ended up tagging me, so now her boyfriend has to tag her which is kind of weird but kind of interesting.” – Jackie Urenda

“So Riley [Murphy] and Sophia [Schmidt] came into the green room in the theater and they said, ‘We need help getting Caleb [Gibson] out.’ And then I told them how Caleb is in musical theatre third period with me, so I said, ‘I’ll ask him to come into the theatre and rehearse a dance.’ Then I could leave and Riley could get Caleb out. So we’re walking into the theater and Riley shouts, ‘Sophia, go!’ Sophia left and Riley tagged me and yelled that I was out. I was terrified; I went against the wall and he slapped my arm and it was a moment that I will never forget. It made me feel a little sad, but I do feel good because I was trying to help someone get somebody else out, so I felt good about that – that I had ‘good intentions.’ Riley played a very good game. Congratulations to him.” – Samantha Steinberg