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Kennady Tracy

Kennady Tracy-Sophomore

I went to a concert back in September and it was one of my favorite bands opening for another one of my favorite bands. The opening band [LANY] wasn’t very big, so I was really the only person singing their songs, so the lead singer [Paul Klein] took my phone on stage, and then he tweeted me about it the next day. I thought that was the last I’d hear of it, but then one month later, I went to their headlining show in LA, and after the concert, I went up to talk to him and take a picture, and he goes, ‘Oh hey, I grabbed your phone on stage in San Diego, didn’t I?’ And I go, ‘Oh my god, yeah!’ And then he goes, ‘Your name’s Kennady, right?’ I was so surprised that he remembered my face, let alone my name, so that was a pretty great moment. I definitely won’t forget it.

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