“Snow Angel” Coming to SDA

By Drew Atkins, Staff Writer

“I would kind of compare it to ‘High School Musical’, in the way that there is some romantic interests and some people are getting bullied a lot. Everybody is just kind of in it,” said junior Ava Lilie, stage manager of the upcoming SDA play “Snow Angel.”

“ I very much relate it to ‘The Breakfast Club’ where all these students just get together and are very vulnerable and then in the end they all kind of deal with their problems together,.” added senior Thea Farber, scenic artist. “Snow Angel” is the story of 15 students’ interactions with a mysterious stranger named Eva, and how she subsequently brings them together.

However, what makes this show so important, is that it’s this year’s Theater For A Cause production. All proceeds from the show will go directly to the Community Resource Center.

“Actually, it came to be because of outreach by your theater teacher, Stephanie Siers,” said Deborah Murray, Interim Development Director at the Community Resource Center, this year’s beneficiary from the show. “The students believe in what we do.”

The theater’s proceeds from “Snow Angel” all go to the CRC. “We have programs that help end hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence in North County San Diego,” said Murray. “So any money that is raised on our behalf goes towards helping those programs.”

So now you know what our theater is helping, but what’s the show about? Junior Gibran Mustafa said, “Well it’s a show about students. It takes place in Deerpoint, Vermont and it’s about these high schoolers that all write in their journal that they are assigned to write in. They all have experiences with this character named Eva. So really, it’s a show about high schoolers made for high schoolers.”

With rehearsals three times a week and six-hour tech week practices, the theater students are hard at work. But that’s not stopping these motivated students. “I think it’s really cool and really special that we take a show and have a group of high schoolers really care about this and put in all of this work towards something where they don’t get the profit. Every other show we do, the money goes directly to the theatre program,” said Farber.

Senior Savannah Casey said, “This is just one more opportunity to give back to the community. It’s really just a selfless thing to do. You aren’t doing it for yourself; you’re doing it for another cause.”

“Snow Angel” runs from March 16-18 at 7 p.m. in SDA’s Clayton E. Liggett Theater. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $8 for students. Get yours at www.seatyourself.biz/sandieguito or get them in front of the PAC at lunch.