Furry Friends Visit SDA

By Mallika Seshadri, Assistant Opinion Editor

Yesterday after school, amid the usual sea of students scrambling to leave campus, there were numerous huskies, labradors and other dog breeds on campus for the Canine Unwind. This event was held to help alleviate mounting stress placed on students as the quarter came to a close, and many were admittedly craving being surrounded by the unparalleled concentration of cuteness found near the bell tower.

In fact, it was common to hear students say things like “Oh my goodness! They’re so cute” or “This has made my day” in a tone of relief and excitement.

As soon as the bell rang, students gathered around where the dogs were stationed and immediately began petting, cuddling, talking to the little beings, often while avoiding being licked on the face. After a brief introduction, which usually entailed a quick meeting of eyes or sniff of the hand, students forgot about their worries as they greeted one dog after another, each with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Junior Lilia Welsh said “I wasn’t having the best day today, so petting the dogs really helped me feel less annoyed with the world.”

Natalia Pinpin, senior, also suggested that being around the dogs was more than a positive experience. During the Canine Unwind, she said she also felt a strong sense of community between “close friends to complete strangers….Talking to the proud pet owners added to the community-feel of the event.”