Wind Ensemble Winter Concert

By Olivia Olander, Editor-in-Chief

The SDA Wind Ensembles will perform in their winter concert Dec. 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the gym. The performance, which is mainly winter-themed, according to senior Sam Goldsmith, will include CCA’s band for one portion, and will “make more noise than will have ever been in that gym.”

It’s $10 for adults, $5 for students without an ASB card and $3 for students with an ASB card.

The concert will include both band classes, Wind Ensemble I and Wind Ensemble II. They will play a jazz arrangement, a Dreidel song compilation, a Russian Christmas medley and more, said Goldsmith, who plays percussion.

He described the latter as “an odyssey of sound… it’s technically a Christmas song but not one you would recognize.” CCA will join SDA’s bands for the song as well, since they’re also playing it for their winter concert, Goldsmith said.

“Band isn’t what everyone imagines it to be. the students within the class are all very different, some participate on sports teams, theater, and arts, others are very involved in academics, and a few are going to college for music,” said senior Grace Mazzilli, who plays the trumpet. “The diversity of our band class makes it a very special environment with people contributing different talents and passions to create a one of a kind sound.”

She recommended the concert to students, because it includes their classmates.

“To someone who hasn’t ever come to a concert before, you should for sure try to come to one,” Mazzilli said. “It isn’t anything like listening to a song on Apple Music.”

Freshman Luke Kleinrath said students should consider attending because “the music program is a big part of SDA’s culture.”

“If you can just kind of detach from the little ideas of what music should be, of what you think is fun and what’s not… it’s just different,” said Goldsmith. “It’s a cool experience.”