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Lane Levin

Senior Nadia Ballard prepares for Senior Out.

Senior Out Day 1: Go Big or Go Home

March 6, 2018

First day of Senior Out, you either gotta go big or go home. I hit them with that double whammy. First I woke up. If you want to beat a high school senior you have to beat the birds. I got out of bed at 5:46 a.m. exactly. I brushed my teeth, drank some tea,  put on some war paint.

At school I camped out in the parking lot with a friend. I waited like a cheetah in the tall grass of the savanna. Silent. Patient. Listening to K-pop. At 7:25 my target pulled into the spot in front of  me. It was just a matter time.

Fifteen minutes later they went to grab their bag from the passenger side, and I unlocked

my door. They began to open their door.  I’m already next to the car. I clap them on their shoulder. Had to do it to ‘em.

Now imagine this scene. Lunch. Ms.Magnuson’s room. There is a sandwich in the microwave and two people. The girl with the sandwich knew that the other girl sitting at the table by the door had her for Senior Out. All secrets were on the table.

This was not espionage.

This was not covert deceit.

This was wild.

The air was tense with shared knowledge. Sandwich girl was protected, as she had a loyal friend by her side. She was invincible.

And then there was fire.

The wrapping around the sandwich had some kind of tin foil lining. Tin foil and microwaves are a match made in hell.  It was a small flame, but that’s all it took. Sandwich girl went running to the door with her hands full of smoking paper. Someone opened the door for her. Someone grabbed her. It was the other girl. It was me.

Had to do it to ‘em.




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I’m a Senior and it’s my third year in journalism, I have curly hair and I love tea! I’m a little too loud but you won’t be listening to my voice,...

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Hi I’m Lane Alexis Levin, a senior at SDA. I cannot wait to spend my last semester of high school in journalism. If you see me around campus don’t...

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