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Freshman Walker Mayer and sophomore Shawlin Tucker show off their new hair.

Lots of Love at Locks of Love

March 30, 2018

Friday afternoon lunch at SDA was met with a beautiful sunny day that seemed to brighten all of the students gathered at the annual Locks of Love event held at the PAC. Students from all grades volunteered to cut their hair 8-inches to donate to the Locks of Love, an organization that create hairpieces from donated hair for children who have lost theirs due to cancer.

The general atmosphere during the event was one of goodwill and excitement. Those who were donating their hair knew that it was going to those in need and also looked forward to the transformation of cutting a significant length of hair.

“I want to donate my hair for people that don’t have any so that I can help them out,” freshman Mayeli Ho said. “[Donating my hair] means a lot to me.”

Senior Lily Nguyen shared many of the same sentiments today: “I’ve been waiting to do this for a while, and I’ve waited a whole year growing my hair just so I could donate it here today. I think it’s amazing what we’re doing here.”

For those who donated, cutting their hair means a fresh hairstyle and a major change. It left many feeling positive about making a change that benefited others.

“Now that I’ve cut my hair, I feel excited and relieved,” Ho said.

When sophomore Shawlin Tucker was asked how it felt to have short hair now, he said, “It feels pretty weird. I’ve never had short hair. Cutting my hair has never meant that much to me, but I know my hair is going towards a good cause, and I think that’s pretty cool.”

Donors each received free certificates to Detour Salon in Encinitas to style their hair after the initial haircut. Expect to see your friends rocking some rad, new short hairstyles come Monday morning.

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