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Two officers arrived at the scene.

Street Preacher Comes to SDA

April 26, 2018

A street preacher, with a speakerphone, shouting for students to repent, took up his post on the corner outside of the front parking lot after school on Thursday. A group of about 45 students gathered to watch.

“You can’t handle a head cold without Tylenol, how to you expect to withstand burning in hell? That’s why you need Jesus,” he said.

Two police officers arrived at the scene at about 3:30. They spoke with him for several minutes before he continued preaching. At that time, Assistant Principal Robert Caughey dispersed the crowd of students. The preacher left at about 3:45.

The sentiments he expressed varied, but he advocated for students to come to Jesus. His sign said, “REPENT (Turn from your Sin- to Jesus.) Seek the Lord While He May Be Found.”

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