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Teachers wait on the sidelines during the second quarter of the game.

Teachers take a win over students in flag football tournament

November 5, 2018

The student vs. staff flag football tournament last Friday helped students and staff connect and express their school spirit in unique ways.

After the tournament of students played against each other, the top four teams moved onto the finals, the student vs. staff game. Each team played a quarter against the teachers.

“SDA isn’t known as a sports school but I think we’re gonna do really good,” said senior and finalist Jasper Neale. “I’m scared to play Mr. Vollstedt, because he’s really fast.”

When the game started, all the viewers in the bleachers came down to line the field. English teachers Ruth Magnuson and Yoshiye LeaVesseur announced the game, but quickly turned it into witty commentary.

The first quarter was “Squilly Mayo” vs. teachers. English teacher Daniel Reitz quickly scored a touchdown. “English represent!” yelled Magnuson. Seven points to the teachers.

Athletic trainer Eddy Lara then took a student’s flag. With seconds left on the clock, senior Connor Ellis scores a touchdown. Seven points to the students.

The second quarter began as crowd favorite AP Psychology teacher James Hrzina joined the game. One of the student team’s (Buddy Broos) players got their flag taken after major tackle by Hrzina.

The game continued, but all attention was drawn to English teacher Robert Ross’s socks. “Tapatio socks? Those are hot,” Magnuson said.

Principal Adam Camacho then scored a touchdown with three minutes till halftime. Teachers 21, students 7.

During the rest of this quarter, Magnuson and LeaVesseur ran around the crowd, trying to get students to sing along with “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Most students hid their faces in their shirts and ran away, but a few were brave enough to belt out a couple lines.

Halftime comes with “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Magnuson and LeaVesseur encouraged students to flood the field and dance, but no one seemed willing to get up. Halftime became a duet lip-sync between the two English teachers.

The third quarter was against student team, Cats, and the teachers. The teachers were winning and the trash talk began.

Reitz took the mic on the sidelines. “I just wanted the entire student body to know that Wylie Sharp doesn’t have it,” Reitz said.

Sharp snapped back, “Mr. Reitz is a good guy but he’s only 5’6’”.”

LeaVesseur followed, “Wylie is a good guy, but he’s only 5’6” and a half.”

While the crowd was distracted, the students scored a touchdown. Teachers 21, students 14.

Sharp attempted to get the last laugh: “Mr. Reitz’s haircut is funny.”

LeaVesseur defended the teachers: “Well look who’s talking.”

The fourth quarter was student team “Edwards Cows,” the team that beat the teachers last year. With the students losing, could they possibly make a comeback?

Ross and Hrzina both got student flags, and Leavesseur chanted, “Ross is boss!”

The student team scored with one minute left on the clock. Teachers 28, students 21.

The students fought until the end but weren’t able to make any more touchdowns. The teachers won.

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