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History teacher Jamie Duck’s homeroom’s snowflake was adorned with a giant duck stuffed animal.

Let it snow (on campus)

December 20, 2018

During homeroom today, it snowed on the stadium field.

The turf was scattered with snowflakes in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Yet, these snowflakes weren’t made of snow. They were made of humans.

Homerooms arranged themselves into snowflake-like shapes on the field. In this Homeroom Olympics event, participating homerooms could gain up to 50 points, which could completely change the standings.

Each homeroom was awarded points for participation, teacher participation, and creativity. Some took the creativity factor to a new level—ASB Director Rod Keillor’s homeroom danced around their teacher (who was blowing bubbles) with white streamers, and then fell to the ground in sync.

Drama teacher Stephanie Siers’ homeroom entered the field singing and dancing to the song playing over the speakers, “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey.

The PAL’s homeroom wore matching yellow shirts and cartwheeled around in a circle—creating an interactive snowflake. Just be careful around the yellow snow.

Atop of history teacher Jamie Duck’s homeroom human pyramid was a giant stuffed duck, their homeroom flag.

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