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New Netflix original movie,

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New Netflix original movie, “Bandersnatch,” is a mix between a game and a movie, where the viewer gets to choose between decisions that can change the entire path of the movie.

Take a gander(snatch) at Bandersnatch

January 8, 2019

Ever wondered what it would be like if you ordered soup instead of salad? Or went left instead of right? Well, in Netflix’s new interactive story, “Bandersnatch” by the series known as “Black Mirror,” you get to explore alternate realities based upon your own immediate choices.

If you have ever watched “Black Mirror,” you would know that the show really knows how to leave you in a complete spiral of questioning everything around you. And If you have never watched the British “anthology science fiction” series, first of all watch it right now. Secondly, if you don’t know what it is about, the show revolves around technology, only slightly more advanced than ours, but the plot changes every episode. Overall, It dives into how technology can affect society, most of the times negatively.

On December 28th, “Black Mirror” and Netflix came out with “Bandersnatch,” which once again left me questioning everything. In it, you are given the choice between two options to make certain decisions for the main character in 10 seconds, giving you the opportunity to explore 5 main endings, where you are allowed to go back and chose something else if your timeline ends. However, there are many other little endings you could get, which leaves you sucked in to finish them all.

The show allows for you to get complete opposite endings that stem from little choices early on, but also takes you back to a pivotal turning point when you reach an ending. This touches on if there really is any point to the decisions you make, since there could be an infinite number alternate lives your living, making it seem like there is no control. See? I told you it makes you question everything.

The story basically follows a slightly-unstable young male on a journey to create his own video game, based upon a book named Bandersnatch. The video game he’s creating exactly mirrors the show; make your own choices, get your own ending.

In the beginning of the interactive film, you get to make simple choices for Stefan Butler, the main character, like Frosted Flakes or Sugar Puffs for breakfast? Sounds easy right? Well, things start to escalate quickly.

This is what pulled in me and all my friends.

Without revealing too much, let’s just say there are some hard decisions that if you watch with your friends will leave you screaming arguing with one another. But, you only have 10 seconds so choose wisely.

“Bandersnatch,” made me scream, scared me, excited me, and thoroughly entertained me. I highly recommend this “movie” to anyone who is interested, but don’t look too much into it because it will freak you out, but in the best way possible.

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