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On my Block is back with a new season.

 A Quick Preview for the New Season 3 of On my Block

March 15, 2020

 Exactly 374 days after its season 2 launch and On My Block is back. The show follows a quintet of teenagers and their adventures in the inner city of South Central Los Angeles. In the inner city, gangs rule the streets and drug trafficking is a norm. The show follows Cesar, Jasmin, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal as they balance their lives between inner city action and laid-back scholastic life. 

So where did we leave off? (this contains spoilers so I recommend stop reading if you have not watched season 2) Season 2 finishes with the quintet shockingly abducted by men in all black masks and suits and thrown into a tan van, driving away into the bright afternoon like nothing ever happened. This sets up the major question to be answered in Season 3.

Who kidnapped them and why?

The third season features the return of the five major characters, Cesar, Jasmin, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal. Other rumored returns include Oscar “Spooky” Diaz and Latrelle, the rival gangster to Cesar. We are all excited for Season 3. It seems like it has been two years since the preview. So to all the loyal fans, look out March 11th. Season 3 is going to be more thrilling with more twists, more turns, and more insight into the inner city lifestyle of South Central Los Angeles. 

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