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SDA’s annual Battle of the Bands shows how much SDA is connected by music.

If SDA was a song

April 30, 2020

We all know that the student body of SDA is brought together by music. It brings a sense of unity to campus, and is a significant part of all of our lives. So, if SDA was a song itself, what song would it be?

Senior Shawlin Tucker thinks that it should be, “Sweet Caroline [by Neil Diamond] for sure 1000%, I’ve heard it too many times at school functions, says Tucker.

Many other students also had the same opinion, including senior Macy Baker, “because it’s the only song anyone can think of when you ask them that question.”

Senior Mackenzie Cox says, “because everyone in the school loves to sing it and it hypes us up. Or maybe Funky Town by Lipps Inc. because everyone is unique and we’re all keeping SDA funky.” 

Freshman Natalie Wilkinson also said, “Funky Town by Lipps Inc. because keep SDA funky!”

In addition to the iconic Sweet Caroline, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was a favorite among many, “Because it just makes sense,” according to freshman Fairen Rachow. 

“Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen because SDA is a pretty awesome mix of so many different people and interests and passions, just like Bohemian Rhapsody has a bunch of different genres. And just like in the song, none of the people or lifestyles at SDA take over or overpower any others,” says freshman Dylan Bunyak.

Despite the popularity of Bohemian Rhapsody, students also gravitated towards the miscellaneous, “YMCA by Village People. I don’t know why, I just get that kind of vibe, ” says freshman Gigi Lea. 

Junior Shayna Dumont says, “Bad Reputation by Joan Jett because the entire song is about her deviating from the norms which is a common trait at SDA. She says,” I don’t give a damn ’bout my reputation, I’ve never been afraid of any deviation, An’ I don’t really care if you think I’m strange, I ain’t gonna change” The kids at SDA live in a style where they don’t fear standing out and they’re taught to be themselves which is what this song encourages.”

And would this even be an article without mentioning the SDA surfer boy population? I think not! Junior Anna de la Fuente says “Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys … I feel like the ‘Beach Boys 60’s vibe’ really encapsulates SDA. If you look around half the guys are wearing board shorts to school, or hawaiian shirts. I know a lot of kids who go to the beach at lunch or right after school, they usually go to Swami’s which is literally mentioned in the song.”

Let’s go over the most popular contestants. We have: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, Funky Town by Lipps Inc., Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and All Star by Smash Mouth.

According to the world of Instagram polls, the students have voted! The winner: Sweet Caroline. Played at every school function, the classic takes the cake!

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