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ASB students pose for the camera as they are wrapping up the Q&A session

ASB Executive Interviews Q&A: Get to know ASB at SDA

September 24, 2020

A total of 41 students attended the Q&A hosted by Associated Student Body students at SDA. We got a chance to learn about ASB and the amazing students that are involved.  During the Q&A, ASB students discussed various topics and themes for the school year, such as school dances, fundraisers, and more!  They also gave the student body a chance to learn more about their wonderful ASB program, its participants, and the work they put into making SDA a great place for us all. 

ASB members present at the Q&A were Alexa Mendes, Adrian Thierry, Cassie Miller, Delaney Farkas, Ethan Fitzgerald, Zachary Joelson, Celeste Barnette, and Rod Keillor. Each one plays a significant role in improving SDA and making it the best it can be. They have been hard at work creating new events and activities for all students and staff to look forward to. 

Alexa Mendes, ASB President 

Mendes began her student leadership journey in 5th grade, where she became the president of Biztown, where kids run their own business, run a debit card, and work as a team. Since then she has been the president in various classes and now holds the same office in ASB. 

“It’s been such a pleasure being able to serve the community,” said Mendes, who believes it is most important to stay connected with friends and family and to look forward to what lies ahead. She encourages us all to attend the Welcome Back Virtual Dance Party this Friday.  It will be a great way to not only experience something new but to get up and out of your seat and take your mind off any distraction;  “simply ‘dance your heart out!’” said Mendes.  She also shared that the upcoming homecoming assembly will be full of creative activities and fun games.

Ethan Fitzgerald, Vice President 

Fitzgerald became interested in ASB during his freshman year when he started off as treasurer.  He tells us there is a lot to look forward to and to enjoy the good moments. Such as virtual meets, parties, and more!  One of his favorite ASB activities is the flag football tournament because SDA does not have a football team, and… the tournament gives him a chance to participate in school sports.  Additionally, Fitzergald mentioned that he enjoys expedition day and school dances. He states, “They are really fun, and something to definitely try out!”

There is a lot to look forward to this school year at SDA.  Our first virtual dance party is this Friday and it will have you out of your seat, having fun!  You will be able to find out more about this event on the SDA website, and there Instagram. Don’t miss out on this event, as Delaney said, “Don’t stress, everything will be alright!” 

Adrian Thierry, Treasurer 

Adrian Thierry is the ASB treasurer and has always been interested in ASB and connecting people, that is why he joined ASB in his sophomore year.  ”I just really love it and it’s awesome!” said Thierry.  Thierry also said that keeping a positive mindset and staying motivated “is really important during these tough times.”

Cassie Miller, ASB Representative, and Delaney Farkas, Secretary

Miller has been ASB Representative since freshman year.  Farkas is the secretary and started student leadership in 7th grade.  Both Miller and Farkas believe it is important to stay connected with one another and recommend going to the virtual club fair.  They also suggest students try not to stress out too much and try to enjoy the good times.  Farkas told us there is still a lot to be happy about and some of the benefits of online school are getting plenty of sleep and saving money by making a nice home-cooked meal for lunch.


Kaya Simcoe and Eliza Gibbs contributed to this article 

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