Winter Formal Assembly

Story by Gabby Catalano, Staff Writer

The 2012 winter assembly: packed with SDA students cheering, chanting, and participating in the fun-filled activities, while enjoying many performances and videos. The winter assembly took place on Jan. 20 in the SDA Mustang stadium. Many performances and videos occurred during the assembly, including a promotion for Connor’s Cause, a student life video, a performance by the student band- ”Kelp”, and a Comedy Sportz skit.  Students enjoyed the amusing assembly, as well as the enthusiastic MC’s , seniors Mitch Lange and Bridey Hicks, who kept the audience in the spirited zone.

A video promoting Connor’s Cause was played to inform students on the event that SDA will be holding, to raise money for families that have a child with an illness.

The student life video was composed of students showing off their best dance moves and the club, art wars, displaying their fine artwork.

The student band Kelp performed many songs as the students entered and exited the assembly. The audience was especially impressed with how well the band sounded, as if they were professionals.

 Four members on the current Comedy Sportz team performed a skit, and the game was called “Good, Bad, Worse.” The game consisted of an audience selected question, and members on the team had to answer the question, while acting out a different character. A student from the audience asked, “How do you ask a guy to formal?” Some of the answers brought hysterical laughter to the audience. The team informed the audience that the next Comedy Sportz show will be held on Feb. 24.

There were many other amusing videos, impressive performances, and exciting activities that took place during the winter assembly. This assembly was a memorable event for many of the students.