5 Best Movies and Docu-Films to Watch on Netflix

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5 Best Movies and Docu-Films to Watch on Netflix

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Netflix has become increasingly popular, but everyone can agree that there are some shows watched more than others. Here are some of the best cult movies and documentaries for the movie-lover in all of us.

1. “2001: A Space Odyssey:” (movie)
This classic just came to Netflix and no movie buff is really a movie buff without first watching “2001.” A philosophical journey on the fate and origin of Humankind, it has stood as inspiration to scientists and rocket engineers alike to this day. This is a great movie because of the amazing screenshots, the retro-futurism, and the great music composed by Johann Strauss works perfectly with the unnerving quiet of space.

2. “Let the Right One in:” (movie)
A Swedish-made independent film, “Let the Right One in” is a tragic love-story/ horror flick between a vampire and a bullied outcast. The movie is a little unsettling, but that’s what makes it so great. The movie industry has been flooded with terrible vampire films, but let the right one in is a shining example of what vampire films should (and could) be.

3. “Dark star: HR Giger’s world:” (Documentary)
If you liked the Movie “Alien,” then you should check out the Oscar winner and concept artist behind the actual alien, HR Giger, a strange man whose art is even stranger. His art will take you on a field trip through the deepest parts of you mind.

4. “Iris:” (Documentary)
This flamboyant grandma will make you laugh, cry, and love her style and classic sensibility. If you’re into style and costume jewelry, this movie is for you. First appearing on the documentary “advanced Style,” Iris Aphel has made a name for herself in the world of fashion and interior design. “Iris” goes more into her biography than the original documentary did.

5. “Labyrinth:” (movie)
With David Bowie playing the “troll king” and providing some great music throughout the film, this movie has cemented itself as a classic. It’s wonky and strange but endearing and well-written at the same time. This movie is a childhood favorite and is great for anyone suffering from bouts of nostalgia for “the good ol’ days”. I think the appeal of the movie stems from its humor and the warm feeling you get while watching it.