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Different clothing pieces to wear. Beanies (top left), wool sweater (top middle), boots (top right), jean jacket (bottom left), flannels (bottom middle), outfit together (bottom right)

The Winter Essentials for Men

Thierry describes the top five items that all guys should wear during the winter season

November 29, 2020

The majority of my stylistic influences come from my peers and the celebrities that I admire. Therefore, the lack of fashion exposure due to Covid-19 has had a detrimental impact on my sense of style. The winter season is my favorite time from a clothing perspective in which I feel that I can be more creative with my outfits with the use of multiple layers. So, here are my top five winter essentials that all men have to have in their closet during this winter season.

Beanies: The essential headwear of the winter season, beanies provide an excellent fashion statement as well as an accessory to keep your head warm. Beanies can be worn in various ways, but the most common, fashionable way is rolling your beanie twice so that it is above the ears. This is something that I wear nearly every day when the weather is cold.

Wool Sweaters: The perfect lightweight piece of clothing to keep you warm for those winter nights. It is a great piece of clothing for a night on the town (safely) and something that you can dress up with slacks or dress down with jeans. An excellent article of winter wears for date nights as well. 

Boots: A great shoe to wear with any style of jeans. Simply a winter necessity that all guys must wear. My personal favorites are Doc Martens, but some other great places to get boots are Timberland, Uggs, and on the more expensive side, Alden of New England. 

Jean Jackets: I personally like jean jackets because of the versatility that they provide. You can wear them over plain t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, collar shirts, and even hoodies, which are my favorite. This great accessory will keep you warm, as well as bring a rustic feel to your look. You can also get hooded jean jackets, which are great as well.

Flannels: Flannels are my favorite piece of clothing to wear during the winter season. It provides a look not too sophisticated but still functions as a versatile button-down that you can throw on during those cold winter nights or during those far more often 65 and sunny San Diego winter days. 

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