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From left to right seniors Logan Picunko, Alyssa Wing, and Keaton Tracy

Three seniors thoughts on graduation, the pandemic and mental health

A few senior’s thoughts about school this year and what they’re hoping to see change before they leave.

May 21, 2021

This school year has been odd, no doubt about it, especially for seniors graduating during the pandemic. Seniors Logan Picunko, Alyssa Wing, and Keaton Tracy reflect on their hopes for graduation, thoughts on how this school year was handled, and any changes they hope will be implemented before they leave.

Between the seniors, everyone is hoping for a relatively traditional graduation. COVID precautions would be in place, but they all spoke about simply being able to graduate in person, around their peers, even at a distance. These past few years have been difficult, especially within the pandemic, and seniors would like to celebrate their achievements properly.

When asked if they thought the school had done a satisfactory job supporting students, particularly seniors, the results consisted mainly of dissatisfaction through the pandemic. “I wish the school had shown better support for its students struggling with mental health,” Tracy said.

Some seniors suggested ideas that could have helped the students include more senior Javas and senior-specific activities, outdoor events in-person with proper distancing, more acknowledgment of the mental health crisis among high school students these past months, and bringing publicity and attention towards support groups.

Seniors hoped the school would implement some of the following changes before graduations but focusing primarily on more mental health support and attention towards struggling students. Outreach to students was a big recommendation, especially to those affected by the death of a student. 

Students need a lot of support at this time. The hopes and input from our school’s students could better our support systems and needs in the future. 

If you or someone you know are struggling, please reach out to a trusted adult and support provided on and off campus like PALs, support groups, a professional, hotlines, or a referral to our on-campus social worker, all of which can be found on the SDA counseling website.

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