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ADHD In Students

How students with ADHD handle school life

December 22, 2022

Students most of the time already need help with assignments from school. Procrastination is a prevalent habit among teenagers.
But when it comes to students with ADHD, then those problems become much more difficult to manage and it adds more problems to them as well.
First, let’s talk about the concept of ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that is identified in childhood and lives on during adulthood. 5-8% of children are likely to have it and can experience the symptoms well into adulthood.
These symptoms differ when it comes to people. However, there are some common symptoms such as disorganization, fidgeting, daydreaming, trouble paying attention, talking a lot, interrupting people, and difficulty concentrating. The list goes on and on.
And that is only for children. The symptoms can stay for the entirety of someone’s childhood and into adulthood.
This disorder can be treated with the right medication and behavioral therapy, however, most times ADHD is disregarded as just being lazy.
However, this may cause children with ADHD to have uncontrollable symptoms that could affect their lives in a bad way, especially in school.
While procrastination is common in neurotypical people, people with ADHD have that way worse. They constantly get distracted by anything other than the task they need to do, in this case, their homework. During class time, they uncontrollably daydream and can’t pay attention as easily as other people can. They also constantly misplace things and forget easily, which can’t be helpful when it comes to deadlines and when there are exams to take.
Students with ADHD can fall behind in school without the right accommodations, and not just if they have the medication for it.
Teachers also have to make accommodations by giving them more time on tests and giving them time to move around, which is another symptom. They constantly need to be moving and they can’t stand still.
Students with ADHD need to be accommodated or else they can reach their full potential because while they may get distracted easily and also can’t get certain tasks done, they can also hyper-fixate on one thing. They spend so much time on one task or hobby that they don’t do anything else. While that is bad when it comes to caring for oneself, it can also help if one can make a living on their hyper fixation.
Adults with ADHD tend to grow over time of the symptoms but they can still have some of it. However, they can still move on with their lives, even with the proper medication and accommodations.

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