Forum Report- 11/13/13


Sam Winter

Senior Cassidy Mayeda and junior Stacy Li make their voices heard at the November 13th forum after school.

At the Nov. 13 Forum about 30 people battled the ever-present question: How can we use spirit to improve SDA?

The Spirit Sprint

“All of our sports teams should feel appreciated and supported by us,” said senior Kylie Kofler. Crowd support has been low for some teams, especially the ones who primarily play games at distant locations.

The Forum’s solution: advertise the Stang Gang.  SDA lacked athletic cheer last year and “a couple of students really wanted to pump up sports things,” explained senior ASB President Cassidy Mayeda. They subsequently created the Stang Gang club that gives members free shirts who then attend at least two games per month. They even show appreciation for the non-spectator sports like golf by providing Gatorade. Anyone who wants to support SDA teams can join the club at ASB at any time.

Principal Tim Horning updated the Forum that the workers will be done on the field by Winter Break. After checking all of the nuts and bolts, they will open the field in January, he said. It will be sans stadium, but with the grass extending to the west, “there are plenty of places to be,” Horning said. Another concern is the electricity. “We are going to have lights,” said  Horning, “only no power to the scoreboard.”

Communication for Community Day

More information was revealed about the resurrected Community Day on Dec. 10. It began as senior Consuelo Maya’s mission to fight the cyber bullying as seen on Facebook. Over 140 students will be out of class on Dec. 3 for facilitator training. On the day itself, the classes will be 40 minutes long, but throughout the day everyone’s second periods will be participating in activities. Creative advertising will spread the word.

Podcasting the News

A new idea came out about creating a new SDA podcast. “There are a lot of issues getting news into a comedy show that can fit into SDL,” said writing lab tutor Kelly Wehrley. With a podcast, however, students can listen to segments of concentrated news to catch up on events and ideas happening on campus. It would start as a club but hopefully become a ROP class. Anyone interested should speak to Writing Lab’s Kelly Wehrley or ASB President, Cassidy Mayeda.

Come to the next Forum during lunch in December to put in your own ideas on keeping SDA funky.


Check out the notes from this month’s Forum below: