Final Day of Senior Out

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

After a week and a half of constant paranoia, countless disguises, and courageous tagging attempts, Senior Out has finally come to an end. Senior Abby Novack claimed third place with 14 cards in total, only 13 behind second place winner senior Joey Levin.

First prize went to senior Ben Sorenson, who managed to collect 28 cards. His valiant effort earned him two free prom tickets, one free Grad Night ticket, and a free senior sweatshirt.

Throughout the competition, alliances were made, relationships were tested, and friendships crumbled. The various creative strategies included hiding under cars, in bushes, and even paying off other seniors to obtain their cards.

But for Sorenson, luck on his side was all he needed to win big. Tagging only three people, he acquired all 28 cards that led him to victory.

“I had one card starting yesterday; a little bit of luck with who I had and getting [senior Max Nerenberg] out before school was all it took,” said Sorenson.