Homeroom Olympics Finale: The Triwizard Tournament


Hana Chen and Sunny An

Students throw "quaffles" into suspended hoops for the second event during Homeroom Olympics's final event: The Triwizard Tournament.

“Go Ashley! He’s a Mudblood!” The friendly jests of competitive homerooms rang through the air on Wednesday at the Homeroom Olympics Finale: the Triwizard Tournament.

Three tributes from each competing homeroom raced through three Harry Potter-themed events in a quest for victory: The North Tower, The Quidditch Pitch, and the Forbidden Forest. The first participants had to puzzle out a horcrux at the North Tower,or, as it is more commonly known, the Bell Tower, and claim a moon-shaped wand to then pass off to the second competitor.

The second competitors, prepared with a Quaffle dodge ball, then mounted their brooms and raced through a maze of yellow caution tape to the second obstacle in front of the PAC: The Quidditch Pitch. There, they launched their Quaffle through a bobbing hoop suspended from the PAC balcony, in order to continue to the final event.

“It was really, really fun. It was just kind of fun to run around in it. I felt like I was actually in a Quidditch game,” said freshman Katie Wimsatt.

The third competitors then “flew” to the final event, The Forbidden Forest, located beside the gym, where they chose a string and followed it through a tangled web of yarn to the Triwizard cup.

The Stimson homeroom was victorious as the first to claim the triwizard cup, with the PALS homeroom following at a close second and ASB advisor Rod  Keillor’s homeroom rounding out at third.

Nate Neumann, sophomore, despite enjoying the tournament overall, did have some concerns: “I thought the third event was based a bit too much on luck. It was pretty much what string you picked.”

Other students werethrilled by the J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter-themed Homeroom Olympics Finale. “We had it [Harry Potter] since we were little. We grew up with it. It’s going to be super iconic,” said sophomore Alex Weingarten.

Freshman Blake Stoner-Osborne, dressed up like Cedric Diggory complete with robe and tie, was enthusiastic about the event. “It was pretty great,” said Osborne. “I love Harry Potter. Harry Potter’s my favorite.”