Community Day Come-Back

After the success of last year’s community day, SDA will not only host another Community Day this year, but extend the event to an entire week.

Community Day was an SDA tradition for years meant to bring students together and address any problems and grievances students had with one another, creating an atmosphere of individual importance and acceptance, until vanished as years passed by. Having only resurfaced last year, a new club (the Community Day committee) has formed in the effort to organize and execute the blueprints for an even greater Community Week this December.

The committee is headed by senior Kate Shapiro, who helped organize the previous year’s Community Day as vice president. While there have been summer meetings to brain-storm possible activities and marketing tactics, a large majority of planning will be left for the Community Day committee in order to allow the students to be more involved, Shapiro said.

Shapiro also added that a four year plan has been set to allow for the tradition of Community Day to live on, introducing students to the event as freshmen and encouraging them to become involved throughout their high school experience. She also mentioned that the event may extend beyond SDA and to other schools (such as Torrey Pines).

The theme of this year’s event will be different from last year’s “Who do we want to be”, but will not be revealed to those outside the committee until Community Week arrives.

The committee will organize marketing, training, assembly presentations, and activities of Community Week. Meetings take place on Wednesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. in the administration building’s conference center. Those who wish to take part in the committee must attend two to three meetings per month if they wish to remain and will receive community service hours for their time. Those who wish to be involved without much commitment can apply to be a facilitator, and need only attend one meeting each month.