Study Group Formed

By Carina Julig, Opinions Editor

The  study group that will  examine the   selection process at the San Dieguito school district academies, including whether to keep the lottery,  has been formed and will begin meeting this month.

The study group includes  high school staff and students, as well as parents from the high schools as well as surrounding middle schools and elementary schools, as the eventual outcome will affect them in the future. There are also two principals in the group, Tim Hornig from San Dieguito Academy and David Jaffe of Torrey Pines.

There is no definitive timeline for the group, said Hornig, but it will not affect the ‘15-‘16 high school selection process, which could include a lottery depending on the number of students who apply, as was done in past years. There is no estimated end time for the group, Hornig said. “We’re going to do our due diligence,” he said.

The group is not in charge of making a decision, but will instead gather information about different enrollment options, Hornig said. “Our task is to compile information and do a good reflective review of what the high school selection process is, and from there, timeline aside, we will advise the board of trustees of the information we’ve gotten and then they will make a decision,” he said.

Hornig stresses that the study group is not in charge of making a decision, and should not be a cause for concern. “I think when people first heard that there was this task force to look at high school selection, the fear and concern was immediately “Uh-oh, it’s going away…It’s really not our role to consider other options, it’s our role to take information,” he said.

The first meeting will be on Nov. 12. Hornig said that he expects that community members not in the task force will at some point have opportunities to share their opinions as well.