Club Fair

SDA’s multitude of clubs gathered in front of the gym to showcase to the student population what they had to offer and how they could be a part of it Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Senior and co-president of the club Writer’s Block Megan McEldowney attended the fair, sharing with interested students the many activities the club took part in. McEldowney said, “The club gives members an opportunity to share their writing and get feedback from students outside of the classroom… It gives them a chance to improve their writing skills and discuss literature beyond the classroom.”

Another club present at the fair was MEChA, the Movimento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan, which translates into the Chicano students of Aztlan movement. Club president, junior Karina Uribe, said the club is a branch of a larger organization of the same name that aims to “spread [Mexican-American] cultural awareness while promoting higher education.” The club is open to all students interested in learning and spreading Mexican-American culture through activities such monthly movie nights, hosted monthly in Spanish teacher Angela Vazquez-Herrera’s classroom.

Kayla Dewitt, a sophomore interested in the Random Acts of Kindness club said, “It seems like a good thing to get involved in… it looks good for colleges. I’d get to meet new people, plus my mom told me to.”

One of the better known clubs, PALS, was also at the club fair. According to one of the executive officers, senior Parker Ryts, PALS is run by and for students, serving as an extra support system that is completely confidential. Members undergo training to learn how to listen and communicate with their peers in need of someone to talk to, and are required to join the PALS homeroom.