Prom: Black Tie at the Bay

Attracting between 400 and 500 students, Prom this year was a success according to junior Zac Sippel, ASB secretary. “We didn’t have any setbacks,” he said.

“The venue was really nice,” he said. “I heard people liked it, and said there was a good amount of stuff to do.”

Senior Clark Thompson seemed to mostly agree with Sippel: “The venue was great, but I thought the place was a little small.”

Junior Aren Camras also agreed, saying it was the “best choice in San Diego.”

“I liked how it was not one big room,” junior Griffen Bartholomew added.

“[My favorite part about prom was] the caricature,” Bartholomew said. “I’ve always wanted one and it was spectacular.”

Camras’ favorite parts about prom were Ping Pong and the photo booth, while Thompson liked dancing. “The DJ was great,” he said.

Thompson advised student to not worry about having a date, and to try to participate in all the activities. Camras similarly said, “It’s what you make it.”

Bartholomew gave advice for people going to prom in the future. “I would say get there on time because it goes really quick,” she said.

On the other hand, Sippel gave advice to someone planning prom in the future. “Make sure you get enough input from the student body,” he said. “You want to find a place that everyone would enjoy, and utilize the ASB classes’ input. They are a good representation of the student body.”